Sunday, May 25, 2014

Single Crochet (SC) Stitch

Single Crochet Stitch (US Terms)

The SC or Single Crochet Stitch is one of the most basic stitches in crochet and is invaluable in a wide range of projects. I find that purses or bags made with SC stitches can be used well without having to line the inside. The fabric made from SC stitches is not very elastic either and therefore keeps its shape over time.

Here is my recommended video for SC stitches. Of course, you can always search for more detailed videos, if you have the patience to watch longer videos :)

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try to use this new stitch to create a Simple Dishcloth/Washcloth using SC stitches as follows:
1. Chain 21
2. Row 1: In the second chain from the hook, SC 1 and SC across in each chain (20 Stitches). CH1 and turn
3. Rows 2-21: SC in each stitch across. CH1 and turn. (20 stitches in each row).
4. Cut the yarn, pull the stitch through and weave in the ends using a yarn needle.

If you want to make a scarf, just continue Step 3 until you reach your desired length! And Voila! A scarf!

If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can create a beanie in the round using SC stitches:

The video below shows the use of what is called a "Magic loop" to begin the round. Since this might be a little intimidating to do, you can substitute the creation of the magic loop by simply chaining 4 stitches and then joining them and using the little round created as the loop.

For those who want to learn the Magic Loop:

For those who want to learn how to join the chain to make a round:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chain Stitch (CH)

Chain Stitch - The Foundation of the Art of Crochet!

If you are just starting crocheting, then one of the first things you will see in any pattern or hear about is the Chain Stitch. Usually denoted by "CH" in written patterns, it is the foundation of most crochet work. Since most crochet stitches are done with only one stitch at a time on the hook, the creation of the right length of stitches for the chain is essential to get the size of the product correct.

There are many videos you will find on YouTube when you search for Chain Stitch Crochet for Beginners. Many of them are really good and detailed. However, my rule of thumb is that if a video is longer than 4 minutes to watch, I typically lose interest. After browsing through hundreds, if not thousands of videos in order to learn various stitches, I find that I like the videos that go straight to the point and have very little extra talk defining what is about to happen. I feel the same way about Blogs.

So, here is my recommended video for beginners learning how to crochet a chain:

If you don't know how to make a Slip Knot, check this out:

Here is an easy project that uses nothing but Chain Stitch to create, if you are feeling adventurous! I got this one from DeliaCreates and really like the pictures that have been posted. As with any creative item, feel free to explore options and change it around to what you like!

Scarf of a Thousand Chains

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Had to share this...

Page for Ravelry Patterns

Crochet Time!

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever have a blog about Crocheting! But, here I am!

I started crocheting in 2012 when I was expecting my second child. It has been a fun, relaxing, and rewarding experience. I was on intensive bed rest and it was getting increasingly tiring to knit while remaining in a lying-down position. I decided to take a leap of faith and with the one crochet hook that I had obtained from a Yarn kit, I started watching YouTube videos and learning how to create items. I still remember my first project - it was a short swatch of Single Crochet and it looked just AWFUL. The stitches were uneven, the edges somehow did not line up and I was on the verge of giving up. I had never learned how to knit in the round, and making a seamless hat was my goal. Thus, started my obsession with crochet - the only way I could see to make an easy hat!

I thought it was time to start a blog on crocheting and try to incorporate multiple videos and patterns that have tremendously helped me to learn how to crochet. A big THANK YOU to all the crocheters and companies out there that provide free videos and free patterns online and encourage people such as me to learn a new art with minimal cost and maximum satisfaction!

In order to get more comfortable with the stitches, I also created a sock-monkey blanket for my older child. And once I got the hang of it, I proceeded to make more than 50 different types of basic beanies using different types of yarn in rapid succession for children and adults.

Pinterest has proved to be a blessing in finding new patterns, new yarns, and new ideas; and more importantly in connecting with friends who share similar interests. You can find  me on Pinterest HERE.

I also have been posting some of my own FREE patterns on Ravelry in the past few months. I do not like patterns that require either too much time commitment or too many different types of yarns. I prefer one-skein projects that work up easily and give instant gratification when completed. While I like to create different items, I mostly like to gift them to friends/family so creating things with specific time constraints are a priority. My Ravelry store showing my own patterns and projects that I have created is accessible HERE.

I have recently started teaching some crochet classes at my Local Yarn Store Apple Valley Yarn Company as well. So, if you live around Midland/Saginaw/Bay City areas of Michigan, feel free to stop by at this amazing yarn store and sign up for classes if you would like to learn a variety of knitting or crochet techniques that the store offers.