Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chain Stitch (CH)

Chain Stitch - The Foundation of the Art of Crochet!

If you are just starting crocheting, then one of the first things you will see in any pattern or hear about is the Chain Stitch. Usually denoted by "CH" in written patterns, it is the foundation of most crochet work. Since most crochet stitches are done with only one stitch at a time on the hook, the creation of the right length of stitches for the chain is essential to get the size of the product correct.

There are many videos you will find on YouTube when you search for Chain Stitch Crochet for Beginners. Many of them are really good and detailed. However, my rule of thumb is that if a video is longer than 4 minutes to watch, I typically lose interest. After browsing through hundreds, if not thousands of videos in order to learn various stitches, I find that I like the videos that go straight to the point and have very little extra talk defining what is about to happen. I feel the same way about Blogs.

So, here is my recommended video for beginners learning how to crochet a chain:

If you don't know how to make a Slip Knot, check this out:

Here is an easy project that uses nothing but Chain Stitch to create, if you are feeling adventurous! I got this one from DeliaCreates and really like the pictures that have been posted. As with any creative item, feel free to explore options and change it around to what you like!

Scarf of a Thousand Chains

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