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Toothless Dragon inspired infant blanket

Toothless Dragon-inspired Infant Graphghan

It has been a while since I added a new post; but I have been busy working on some CALs and it has been great! I mentioned a while ago that I am working on an infant blanket and since I am giving the blanket to the recipient today, I figured it would be okay to post the details of it on my blog now. 
Here is a picture of the blanket I made:

Toothless Dragon Infant Blanket
After I finished making the blanket, I decided to line it with a soft fleecy material on the other side and put a border around it. The lesson learned from this is that sometimes, the best intentions can change the final outcomes... I attached the lining on the opposite side of what I intended. However, since it is a graphghan, it does not look too bad.
Final Blanket with liner and border
Anyways, so without further ado, here is the pattern for this graphghan. It is designed as a 64 x 64 count graph if you want to use single crochet. However, that results in a small square, that would not be enough to create a whole blanket out of. You might need 2 or 4 of these to create a blanket that would be workable. What I did was used Double Crochet (U.S. terms) and changed the afghan from a 64 x 64 count to a 64 x 128 count. I am pasting the graph below. And underneath that, I am writing out the exact word-graph pattern so that you don't have to "count" out all the boxes yourself. 
If you are new to graphghans, I recommend you visit THIS post first. 

Graph for Toothless Dragon Infant Afghan


YARN: Berroco Comfort - Black (2-3 skeins), Blue (1 skein), Gray (1 skein), Red (1 skein)
              Vanna's Choice - White (1 skein), Green (1 skein)
HOOK: Size J (US terms)
You can choose to use any yarn that you like... the pattern does not require an exact gauge so comfort and softness can be customized as required. Also, since this is a tapestry type of crochet, it will help to make small balls of each color and move them around if that is a method that you prefer, otherwise you will have many many ends to weave it at the end!
STITCHES: DC =  Double Crochet; SS = slip stitch; CH = chain; SC = Single Crochet
ABBREVIATIONS: B=black, U=blue, G = gray, R = red, E= green, W = white
Foundation: CH 130, and 1 SC in third chain from hook and across (128 stitches) 
ALL ODD number rows (1, 3, 5, ...) are from Right to Left and ALL EVEN number rows (2, 4, 6,...) are from Left to Right.

Row 1: 10U, 2G, 114B, 2G  
Row 2: 2G, 114B, 2G, 10U
Row 3: 10U, 4G, 110B, 4G
Row 4: 2U, 4G, 108B, 2G, 12U
Row 5: 12U, 2G, 106B, 4G, 4U
Row 6: 6U, 2G, 104B, 4G, 12U
Row 7: 14U, 4G, 100B, 2G, 8U
Row 8: 8U, 4G, 98B, 2G, 16U
Row 9: 18U, 2G, 96B, 2G, 10U
Row 10: 10U, 4G, 92B, 4G, 18U

Row 11: 20U, 2G, 42B, 2G, 48B, 2G, 12U
Row 12: 12U, 2G, 34B, 30G, 26B, 4G, 20U
Row 13: 22U, 2G, 18B, 8G, 28B, 6G, 28B, 4G, 12U
Row 14: 14U, 2G, 18B, 10G, 40B, 8G, 12B, 2G, 22U
Row 15: 22U, 2G, 8B, 6G, 22B, 6R, 26B, 8G, 12B, 4G, 12U 
Row 16: 12U, 2G, 8B, 8G, 30B, 10R, 26B, 6G, 2B, 2G, 22U
Row 17: 16U, 12G, 28B, 6R, 2B, 6R, 34B, 6G, 4B, 2G, 12U
Row 18: 12U, 8G, 36B, 8R, 2B, 8R, 36B, 6G, 12U
Row 19: 12U, 2G, 38B, 10R, 2B, 10R, 38B, 6G, 10U 
Row 20: 10U, 4G, 34B, 32W, 34B, 2G, 12U 

Row 21: 12U, 6G, 24B, 8W, 28B, 6W, 30B, 4G, 10U
Row 22: 12U, 6G, 22B, 6W, 38B, 6W, 20B, 2G, 16U
Row 23: 18U, 2G, 14B, 6W, 46B, 6W, 18B, 2G, 16U
Row 24: 16U, 2G, 16B, 4W, 54B, 10W, 6B, 2G, 18U
Row 25: 16U, 4G, 72B, 10W, 8B, 2G, 16U
Row 26: 14U, 4G, 90B, 4G, 16U
Row 27: 14U, 4G, 36B, 2W, 12B, 2W, 42B, 2G, 14U
Row 28: 12U, 2G, 40B, 6W, 12B, 6W, 34B, 6G, 10U
Row 29: 4U, 6G, 40B, 6W, 12B, 6W, 40B, 2G, 12U
Row 30: 10U, 4G, 40B, 4W, 30B, 18E, 16B, 4G, 2U

Row 31: 2U, 2G, 16B, 10E, 4W, 4B, 4E, 38B, 20E, 16B, 6G, 6U
Row 32: 4U, 4G, 18B, 4E, 4B, 6W, 10E, 36B, 2E, 4B, 6W, 12E, 14B, 2G, 2U
Row 33: 2U, 2G, 12B, 14E, 8W, 2B, 2E, 36B, 10E, 8W, 4B, 4E, 18B, 4G, 2U
Row 34: 4G, 20B, 4E, 2B, 8W, 12E, 36B, 2E, 8W, 16E, 4B, 10G, 2U
Row 35: 10U, 2G, 6B, 14E, 8W, 2E, 36B, 14E, 8W, 4E, 22B, 2G
Row 36: 2G, 22B, 4E, 6W, 14E, 38B, 2E, 6W, 16E, 6B, 2G, 10U
Row 37: 10U, 2G, 6B, 18E, 2W, 4E, 38B, 16E, 4W, 4E, 12B, 4G, 6B, 2G
Row 38: 8G, 2U, 2G, 14B, 20E, 42B, 18E, 10B, 2G, 10U
Row 39: 10U, 2G, 14B, 10E, 50B, 14E, 16B, 2G, 10U
Row 40: 10U, 2G, 104B, 2G, 10U

Row 41: 10U, 2G, 104B, 2G, 10U
Row 42: 10U, 2G, 100B, 6G, 10U
Row 43: 14U, 2G, 36B, 4W, 4B, 4W, 52B, 2G, 10U
Row 44: 10U, 4G, 50B, 8W, 38B, 4G, 14U
Row 45: 16U, 4G, 94B, 2G, 12U
Row 46: 10U, 6G, 48B, 2W, 8B, 2W, 28B, 4G, 20U
Row 47: 22U, 2G, 30B, 4W, 2B, 4W, 52B, 4G, 8U
Row 48: 6U, 4G, 56B, 6W, 32B, 2G, 22U
Row 49: 22U, 2G, 46B, 2G, 48B, 2G, 6U
Row 50: 4U, 4G, 12B, 8G, 16B, 16G, 2W, 8B, 2W, 8B, 6G, 18B, 2G, 22U

Row 51: 22U, 2G, 18B, 2G, 2U, 4G, 6B, 10W, 4G, 12U, 2G, 14B, 4G, 2U, 4G, 14B, 2G, 4U
Row 52: 4U, 2G, 14B, 4G, 4U, 4G, 10B, 2G, 16U, 4G, 6W, 6B, 4G, 4U, 4G, 16B, 2G, 22U
Row 53: 22U, 2G, 16B, 2G, 8U, 4G, 8B, 2G, 20U, 2G, 10B, 2G, 8U, 2G, 14B, 2G, 4U
Row 54: 4U, 2G, 14B, 4G, 6U, 2G, 10B, 2G, 20U, 2G, 6B, 4G, 8U, 4G, 16B, 2G, 22U
Row 55: 22U, 2G, 16B, 2G, 12U, 4G, 4B, 2G, 20U, 2G, 8B, 4G, 8U, 2G, 14B, 2G, 4U
Row 56: 4U, 2G, 14B, 4G, 8U, 4G, 6B, 2G, 20U, 2G, 2B, 4G, 12U, 4G, 14B, 4G, 22U
Row 57: 24U, 4G, 12B, 2G, 16U, 2G, 2B, 2G, 22U, 2G, 2B, 4G, 12U, 2G, 14B, 2G, 4U
Row 58: 4U, 2G, 16B, 2G, 12U, 6G, 22U, 4G, 16U, 4G, 10B, 4G, 26U
Row 59: 28U, 6G, 6B, 2G, 18U, 4G, 40U, 4G, 14B, 2G, 4U
Row 60: 4U, 2G, 14B, 2G, 64U, 2G, 4B, 4G, 32U

Row 61: 34U, 4G, 2B, 2G, 64U, 4G, 12B, 2G, 4U
Row 62: 4U, 4G, 10B, 2G, 64U, 8G, 36U
Row 63: 108U, 14G, 6U
Row 64: 14U, 4G, 110U.

Round 1: 1 SC in every stitch on top and bottom; and 2 SC in every DC post on the sides. SS to join and complete round.
Round 2: 1 SC in every stitch and 3 SCs in each corner. SS to join and complete round.
Round 3: Start with any corner. CH3, 3DCs in the corner space; skip 2 stitches, *1SC in next 3 stitches, skip 2 stiches, 7DC in the next stitch, skip 2 stitches*. Repeat from * to * until you complete the round. 3DC in the first corner space where you started and join with SS to complete. Bind off. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the pattern, please feel free to contact me or comment on this post. 

PLEASE NOTE: You are free to create and sell any products from this pattern. However, this pattern itself is not to be sold anywhere. Thank you!

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